AI Projects on Github

 Python, AWS GPU Instance, PyTorch/TensorFlow/etc.
Description: A collection of my open-sourced projects and notes on artificial intelligence.

Reinforcement Learning for Video Streaming Optimization

Description: Reinforcement learning approach to optimize resource allocation for H.264 video streaming over wireless networks with multiple receivers. Modeled system in MATLAB. Tested and compared results for H.264 encoded videos of The Godfather (1972) and Avatar (2009).

Movie Recommendation

 MovieLens Ratings Data Set
 Apache Spark, Python
Description: Predicted movie ratings and created personalized recommendations.
Techniques: Collaborative filtering, alternating least squares

Entity Resolution between Google and Amazon Product Listings

 Metric Learning Data Set
 Apache Spark, Python
Description: Used text analysis to identify the same records across Google and Amazon product listings.
Techniques: TF-IDF, cosine similiarity

Power Plant Output Prediction

 Combined Cycle Power Plant Data Set
 Apache Spark, Python
Description: Predicted the power output of a power plant as a function of various environmental conditions.
Techniques: Random forest regression

Million Song Regression

 Million Song Database
 Apache Spark, Python
Description: Predicted the release year of a song given a set of audio features.
Techniques: Linear regression with interaction and polynomial

Click-through Rate Prediction on Display Ads

 Criteo Display Advertising Data Set
 Apache Spark, Python
Description: Given a user, a page, and an ad, predicted probability that the ad was clicked by the user.
Techniques: Logistic regression, feature hashing

Neuroimaging Analysis

 Zebrafish Brain Activity Data Set
 Apache Spark, Python
Description: Identified brain acitivity patterns of larval zebrafish under different stimuli.
Techniques: PCA

900海里 [900 Nautical Miles]
 Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, AWS S3, Heroku
Description: 900HL is a mobile-first classified ads platform for overseas Chinese students and young professionals to find housing and trade goods.